The perfect risotto

There seems to exist as many recipes for the greatest truffle risotto as there are people in the world. All have there own special ingredients and cooking techniques. To shed some light into this matter we list the 3 most important elements, except for the rice, that make a perfect truffle risotto. These you cannot live without.

It is all about using fresh truffle. Everything else is plain wrong. Sure, it is not for free, but if you are going to make a truffle risotto you should go all the way. The best truffle comes from Perigord in France or Piedmont in Italy. A good truffle should have a distinct and full scent of forrest and mushrooms and when you scratch the surface of the truffle the inside should be dark.

Parmesan cheese:
Cheese is just as obligatory as rice in a risotto. However, it is extremely important to only use freshly grated parmesan cheese of the highest quality. The cheese should not be aged too long. Aged cheese becomes a bit too grainy and gets a slightly sharp stingy flavor. Best it to use a cheese that’s aged for 18 months.

Stock and wine:
You need to use real stock and a good wine. The wine should be a wine you would want to drink. If it is not good enough to drink it is not good enough to cook with. Regarding the stock, a proper home made chicken stock, made of chicken, onions and carrots is the way to go. Do not use bouillon cubes or similar stuff. These tips make all the difference in the world. You will tell the difference.